Friday, August 5, 2022

See you on Discord

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By now you must have heard of Discord.

Well maybe you didn't. Discord is a fancy name of what we used to call a forum. It has some extra features like voice-chat. But basically it is like an advanced forum.

The difference is that Discord is not just a forum on just one subject. It is a collection of numerous forums which you can access all at the same time. Subjects vary from entertainment to technical forums. I have joined (until now) several technical servers/communities like Cirkit, Wokwi, B4X, Raspberry Pi Pico and ESP8266/ESP32.

On the left side of the screen there is a line of icons that bring you to the selected forums. The second column gives you all the sections of each individual forum. In the third column you can read and post messages. And the last column shows a list of all members of that particular forum.

Like normal forums you can exchange text and foto's.
And what is more: you can easily build your own forum/community. 


And that is what I did.
My community is called LucVolders and if you want to have a look just click on the following link. It's logo is the blue dot at the top with the text "tech" in it. At this moment it is empty. Just feel free to post messages/questions about my web-log or messages and/or photo's from your own projects.

And YES I do moderate so play nice.

And discord has something extra called Bot's.

With a Bot you can automate a lot of things. But you can also have your microcontroller send messages to Discord.

The above picture shows that I have send a message with my Raspberry Pi Pico W to Discord. The program to do this was written in MicroPython.

I am planning (and already been doing the research) on writing a book on using Wifi with the Raspberry Pi Pico W. If you are interested just drop a line in my discord server in the appropriate sub-forum.

I don't know yet if I am going to be a long time user of Discord, that also depends on how many of you are joining my Discord channel. However until now it has been fun.

Till next time
Have fun

Luc Volders