Monday, August 24, 2015

Card Display Aid

As you will now by now my girlfriend paints. It is not mere a hobby but she also sells her paintings and makes cards of them for sale. You can find her website here.

Now we do have a special display for the cards she makes.

However there was a small problem with it.
The display rotates because it rests on a ring that is attached to the pole in the middle of the display. This ring can be moved to set the display higher or lower.

The problem lays in the fact that the ring is tightened by a winged nut. And that nut blocks the rotation of the dislay. Stupid design......

So a few minutes in Tinkercad gained me this:

And it fitted direct. I measured the inner diameter and the outer one correct.

Now the display can rotate freely and the little aid I made is mounted like this:

Tinkercad really rocks 

I can not imagine anyone would have an interest in this design but if you do, get it from the Tinkercad site or send me a mail.

Till next time: have fun


Monday, August 10, 2015

Beer and Pizza

Most of the things I needed for my self-build 3D printer I bought at the Dutch web-shop Reprapworld. The guys there are very friendly and have vast knowledge on 3D printing. They sell complete kits and just parts like steppers, extruders and electronics.

One of them even designed they're famous Megatronics controller board for 3D printers. Thats the board I am using in my Kit Prusa I2.They are improving it regularly. I am using Megatronics V2.0 and they are now at revision V3.

They also stock many different fillaments so it really is a great place for any 3D printing fan.

Months ago they moved to new premises and there they started organising Beer and Pizza nights. It is a gathering off 3D printing fans who come there to build, repair or just chat about 3D printers. The Beer and Pizza night is held every first thursday of the month starting at 18.30. 

Last thursday was my first visist to their new premises and Beer and Pizza Night. I went with a friend and when we arrived it was already crowded. I blurred out the faces of the attendants for privacy reasons.

All kinds of printers were present. Wether being build, repaired, revised or printing. There were Prusa I2's, Prusa I3's, and Kossels.

Most of us were really drooling over a giant 3D printer:

And off course there are loads of printing examples laying and standing around like the nice electric lamp which is about 30cm high and printed in 3 parts:

And then there is Beer and Pizza

It really was a fun evening and we left around half past ten. The party was not over yet at that time, but I still had to drive home and work next day.

So if you are in the neighbourhood or just want a fun evening with 3D printing enthousiasts or even buy some stuff for your printer pay them a visit.
Wagenmaker 6a
+31 (0)85 0091531

Disclaimer: I am not related in any way to this shop. I do not work there and the employees are no relatives or friends. I just advertise this because we had great fun being there.

Till next time, have fun
Luc Volders