Monday, August 24, 2015

Card Display Aid

As you will now by now my girlfriend paints. It is not mere a hobby but she also sells her paintings and makes cards of them for sale. You can find her website here.

Now we do have a special display for the cards she makes.

However there was a small problem with it.
The display rotates because it rests on a ring that is attached to the pole in the middle of the display. This ring can be moved to set the display higher or lower.

The problem lays in the fact that the ring is tightened by a winged nut. And that nut blocks the rotation of the dislay. Stupid design......

So a few minutes in Tinkercad gained me this:

And it fitted direct. I measured the inner diameter and the outer one correct.

Now the display can rotate freely and the little aid I made is mounted like this:

Tinkercad really rocks 

I can not imagine anyone would have an interest in this design but if you do, get it from the Tinkercad site or send me a mail.

Till next time: have fun