Saturday, February 13, 2016

Heart for tealights (Valentines Day)

My girlfriend rellay likes burning candles in the evening.

And there is Valentine day. But Valentine day is this year on Sunday. So that is a difficult time to get fresh flowers.

Of course I can overwhelm her with chocolate and mashmellows and other sweets and I certainly will do that but I wanted to make someting special. Something I made myself.

And my faithfull Beagle comes to the rescue.

I started with designing a hearth with a hole in it that is big enough to hold a tealight. I used Tinkercad for this my trusted 3D design program.

You can find my design here:

Next step is to download the design, slice it and print it.

I made 4 of these. I had some red and white tealights so I thought it would be nice to print these hearts in Red and white.

And they fit nice together.

You can find the STL file here:

Candle-heart STL

Just in time if you want to print some for yourself.

Till next time.
Have fun.

Luc Volders