Friday, January 12, 2018

All stories organised

As this blog grows it becomes more and more difficult to find stories that might interest you.

So I made an index.
You can find it on the top-right side of this page right below the banner under the chapter pages. you can also click (or save) this link:

The index is divided in chapters that represent the point of intrest.
Under each chapter you will find the related stories and a short description.

Look at the sample below:

IOT (Internet of Things)

Back to Basic - introduction to ESP-Basic
Burglars invited - Be carefull what you publisch on public sites
Cheapskate - test wether your fridge light is on or off
ESP Controlled ledstrip - Control a single color ledstrip from a webpage
Google Home and the ESP8266 - Turn on your devices with your voice
IFTTT part 3 Alert over IFTTT - Tweet an alarm when your PIR has noticed motion
IFTTT part 4 - Send a notification to my phone
Rain Sensor - Get an alert on a webpage when it rains
Relay Server  - Control your lights over the internet AND manual

As you can see the point of intrest in this part is IOT and there are at the moment of this writing 9 stories related to IOT alphabetically arranged.

From now the index will be updated each time a new story is published and I will put a pointer to the index on each new story that is published.

Hope you find this usefull.