Sunday, April 1, 2018

ESP-Basic Degree

I think many of you wonder where I got all the knowledge for writing all the stories on my blog.
And why I am using ESP-Basic so much.

Well the answer is simple.
I studied ESP-Basic at the Thunderwood College. And to be specific ESP-Basic for IOT.

It took me months and now at last I am picking the fruits of my efforts: I received my batchelor degree !!!

I am proud to show it to you so here it is !!!
You can send congratulations to my e-mail adress.

If any of you is interested in getting the same degree or a degree in other parts of science please visit the Thunderwood college:

They offer degrees in allmost all lines of science/art/biology/economics etc.
The information on their site is totally free however you are politely asked to do a donation if you want to join their association (very reasonable suggestions) or get a degree.

It cost a lot of time but however was a lot of fun.

Till next time
Have fun

Luc Volders

Oh and please look at the date of publishing !!!!