Saturday, November 1, 2014


Sometime ago I bought at a dollar-shop a cheap RGB-strip with a length of 5 meter. The strip is controlled by a remote control which (amongst other) sets color and intensity. We have installed the ledstrip on top of our bookcase. This makes it reflect against the ceiling which gives a nice soft glow.

A disadvantage was that the damn thing kept dropping of the bookcase. It just would not stay put. So after a while messing with tape and velcro I declared myself being a fool. I am the owner of a 3D printer. So !!!

It took me half an hour designing in Tinkercad and then my ledstripholder was finished.

The wide opening fits over the bookcase boards and the small opening holds the ledstrip. I made the width into which the ledstrip should fit a bit smaller as the actual width of the stip (just a mm). The strip is therfore jammed in the holder.

Half an hour later I had printed 5 pieces of this holder.

This is not going anywhere anymore.