Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spacers also to be used as piggybank

At my job large posters and several other advertising materials are printed by ourselves. The necessary paper for this is delivered in large carton tubes. So I just had to see if I could find some usefull purpose for the leftover tubes.

My idea was to use them as a storage tube. 20CM tubes in which I could store my leds. So I directly strated making some. One for my red leds, one for the green leds and one for the blue leds.

And then another idea came to me. I could make a piggybank from these by making a small opening in the lid.

The design is made in Tinkercad There is ample chance that if you find some tubes that they will have the same size as mine did. You can however make the piggybank also from toiletpaper rolls. Use your imagination. You can find the STL files here.