Friday, February 20, 2015

Infinity mirror experiments

So today was another day of experiments for building an infinity mirror. We got a new kind of mirror-effect film. The brand is:

Next step was to replace the leds with a led strip. Not only does it produce much more light but with a remote control we are able to set the colour of the leds. The results are overwhelming.

 We bought it at the Hornbach diy store. It is not cheap. The price at the moment of this writing is 20 euro for a roll with a sheet of 67.5 x 150 cm. The real name is: SpiegelSichtschutzfolie. Meaning window foil that prevents looking inside. In real life it is used for preventing people looking inside your home while you maintain the possibillity to look outside.

The difference with the previous film is that that one was black and this one is silver. And the difference is enorm. Look at the pics below. We are using a self made tube of carton which encloses a round mirror at the bottom and a piece of glass on top that has been covered with this foil. The leds are from a christmas decoration. As you can see the depth illusion is enormous.

You can click on each individual image to enlarge it. And rest assured in real life it looks better as in these pictures.

Next steps:

Proof of concept. I am going to build a small infinity mirror based on the knowledge we have accumulated until now. Small meaning it will be a small square version which you can put on your desk. I will put it on the website as soon as possible.

Update: it is now on this webiste you can find it by clicking this link.

- experiments.
I am going to experiment with RGB leds, I have ordered neo-pixels (ws-2812 leds) which are individually adressable leds just like RGB leds.And I am going to try to control a led strip with an Arduino. Hey and how about charlieplexing the leds so I can have them doing noce tricks or chasing eachother..... For Charlieplexing look at the wesite. The outcome of these projects determins what the end-result will be made of. So watch this space.

Till then, have fun.