Friday, February 20, 2015

The Bible arrived

I have been looking for this a long time. I have been searching local bookstores and even at a large bookmarket for this but I never found it. So I ordered it a few days ago through the internet at And today it arrived.
This indeed is the Arduino bible. It is chockfull of information, schematics and example sketches (Arduino lingo for programs) that covers almost every aspect of working with the Arduino. Leds, Bluetooth, Wifi, Servo's, Time, LCD displays you name it and it is there.

This book not only covers the Arduino Uno but also other boards of the Arduino family like the Leonardo and the Mega. Many sketches and examples can also be used with a Digispark or stand alone Attiny.

To be frank I already downloaded a version of this book and read parts of it on my tablet, but nothing beats holding a 700 page book in your hands. I am very pleased with it. Worh every penny.

Have fun